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Este blog esta cerrado / Closed Blog

martes, septiembre 15, 2009 by , under

Este blog esta cerrado.
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This blog is closed.

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Interesantes links con cosas para el sony e-reader

miércoles, junio 17, 2009 by , under , ,

PRS Customizer: Sirve pa trastear con varios settings del PRS-505. Hay version pa linux.

Reader PRS-505 Dev Corner. Un foro de discusion acerca de como hacerle cosas al PRS-505

Port especifico del OpenInkPort para el PRS-505

paquetes utiles para laptop mac ibook

martes, mayo 19, 2009 by , under

ubuntu-laptop-mode - Support for reducing hard drive power consumption
wmbatppc - Battery monitor for Apple G3/G4 ibooks/powerbooks

Solving wireless problems with ubuntu Jaunty on a iBook G4

jueves, mayo 07, 2009 by , under

If you installed Jaunty and and your wireless is not working as well as your wired connection is not the this guide might be for you.

First, if you type dmesg on a terminal and find something like this:

May 7 00:13:02 hormiga-blanca kernel: [ 34.116587] input: b43-phy0 as /devices/virtual/input/input9
May 7 00:13:02 hormiga-blanca kernel: [ 34.208288] b43 ssb0:0: firmware: requesting b43/ucode5.fw
May 7 00:13:02 hormiga-blanca kernel: [ 34.321596] b43-phy0 ERROR: Firmware file "b43/ucode5.fw" not found
May 7 00:13:02 hormiga-blanca kernel: [ 34.321607] b43-phy0 ERROR: You must go to and download the latest firmware (version 4).

Go to this page if you want to understand the whole process:

However, if you are lazy and just want to get your mac working as soon as possible, just follow on. So basically, all you have to do is to manually download the b43-fwcutter from the ubuntu repositories and the Firmware from the vendor site.

The Ubuntu repos for powerpc and Jaunty are here:
I downloaded the latests, which happened to be:

Then let's download the firmware from here:

Then I load the deb file and the bz2 file into a jumpdrive and plug it into the ibook.
A nautilus window will appear; double-clicking on the deb file will open the gdebi installer
and install the b43-fwcutter executable.

Next step is to decompress the bz2 file; copy it to your home folder. Right-clicking on the
file and selecting "Extract Here" will do the job (F12 popped up the contextual menu on this
keyboard, you might also want to try Shift-F10)
Open a terminal (Applications->Accessories->Terminal), and type in:

cd broadcom-wl-
sudo b43-fwcutter -w /lib/firmware wl_apsta.o
... various messages will appear....
sudo rmmod b43
sudo modprobe b43

Listo! Go and see on the network manager applet the list of available wireless networks.
And that's it?

An alternative way to detect the Plone front page

viernes, abril 10, 2009 by , under ,

First, I tried this example:

It works .. almost. It also shows the logo in other contex like @@dashboard, which was something I did not wanted to happen. So I started looking for another way until I found a clue on the select_default_page.cpt

So I tried this instead:

<div tal:define="is_ATDocument python: test(context.meta_type=='ATDocument',1, 0);
parent python:context.getParentNode()"

<p id="uno"
tal:define="is_default_page python: test(parent.getDefaultPage() == context.getId(),1,0);"
tal:condition="is_default_page">This is the default Page (index_html on Plone less than 3.0)</p>

The div will be rendered only when the context is an ATDocument, then it's contents will be rendered only if the document is the default page.

Any comments?
It seems to me it is working.

Por fin!! Alguien que usa Gedit con Plone/Zope

martes, abril 07, 2009 by , under

La liga esta aquí:

While working on Zope Server and Plone I needed to open .zcml files with XML syntax highlighting in gEdit. After searching a little bit I found how to do it.


Esta nevando en chicago!!

domingo, marzo 29, 2009 by , under

Mas fotos al rato o cuando llegue a puebla