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Moving from outlook to evolution

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I was hacking a bit with wubi. I managed to mount a windows shared drive as well as to make Evolution work with Exchange Server.

My computer has one drive with two partitions. (C: and D:) Wubi is installed on D: Gnome places a shortcut to mount the c: drive. It was recently that I discovered that wubi mounted D: as /host and I have read-write permissions!!! So I don't need any other media to share files between the two OS.

My Pst files are in D: so I decided to give it a try to convert the pst files to evolution.

After some googling I landed in the libpst utilities page. Downloaded last version (0.16.17) wich was last updated in August 2008. Pretty alive compared to other projects.

I noticed there is no deb for libpst. So another bit of googling landed my browser into this post: How to make debian standard debs from scratch.
UPDATE: Finally I managed to make libpst to work. I played around with the export options. Two things bothered me:
(1) The export options did not respected the folder hierarchy in the PST File.
(2) When I imported that "exported" e-mails to Evolution, Evolution understood the headers of the mails, but it did not understood anythin else!! WTF.

When I saw the last thing I just ceased any other testing.

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